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Tori Evans

Tori Evans - Nursing

Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Whangarei Hospital

“NorthTec is a great place to learn. The community at NorthTec is the best part - it’s a small campus and you get to know all the faces. All staff are happy to help, not just tutors, but even library staff and people around campus.  The small classes and cohorts make it feel as if we are all a family and there’s a real sense of community spirit with events always going on and people being so friendly.

“I think we are really lucky with the Bachelor of Nursing degree at NorthTec. It is such a good quality programme. It doesn’t have a lot of numbers so every one of the tutors knows you and the nursing pathway you are hoping to follow. You form close bonds with fellow students and the focus of the degree is about the community we live in and the people who we will be caring for which is something that is important to all of us.

“From day one, I loved this programme. I had never done anything like this before, and it completely changed my life. It made me physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. I made friends throughout the degree that will be my friends for life.

“My tutors were just amazing. They always made time for you if you were struggling with anything or had any questions and were so approachable. They helped me to get the job I am currently in. They knew my skill-set and thought I would be a good Emergency Department nurse and helped me with my CV, and I don’t think you would get that sort of support from a bigger university.

“As an international student from the UK, I was able to access pastoral support to assist me throughout my studies.  If I had any problems outside of NorthTec, like finding somewhere to live, setting up a bank account or visa applications, there was someone to go to and they would do their best to help. They made you feel like this is your home.

“There is a rumour that NorthTec students are well-known across the country as great nurses that are quite sought-after. It’s not just that this is a nice place to study, but it’s well-recognised for quality learning as well.

“I am very lucky to be where I am working. The Whangarei Hospital Emergency Department has a really good reputation for being really a supportive team. The Doctors and nurses are welcoming, energetic and supportive.

“My favourite part about being a nurse is the little things. Like when you have someone that is having the worst day of their life and you are able to make them comfortable and put them at ease by making them laugh or smile. Nursing is a rewarding and amazing career I can't imagine doing anything better”.

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