Graduate Profile

Melissa Tan

Melissa Tan - Business

Owner, Jolt Cafe

“The Bachelor of Applied Management not only helped me to run my business, it also helped me in everyday life. I found it very useful – I learnt about leadership, communication and management skills which I apply to the running of my business, and also on how to make my own life more efficient.

“The tutors are really great, it is a different learning style to what I experienced in China. The tutors here ask you what you would like to learn and support you through all of the assessments.

“I also love the campus in Raumanga. It is not like other polytechnics and universities with large buildings – it is more spread out with beautiful gardens and grass. The environment NorthTec created for us was great. I was an international student but I did not have any problem making local friends, in fact I only had kiwi friends, which I do not think is the case with other cities.

“The people in Whangarei are so lovely. I love the lifestyle here – I am from a large city in China, so I came here for a lifestyle change. There is hardly any traffic, there is more space, I don’t have to wait in long queues– but there is still everything we need here!

“I have done a lot of study at NorthTec. I started with a Diploma in Hospitality Management, then moved on to my ESOL (English as a Second Language) Certificate and after speaking with the NorthTec tutors, I thought it would be very beneficial to study a Bachelor of Applied Management as I would have a broader career in the future. So I had my hospitality programme as a foundation, and then my Bachelor degree to support me wherever I wanted to go.

“I really like being in the hospitality industry. I had more than 11 years’ experience in the hospitality industry before we bought Jolt café in Maunu, and it has always been something I like to do. I love running my own business, it brings me a lot of satisfaction. The team is established so it gives me the flexibility to make sure I have enough time for my daughter. I like meeting people and interacting with people. I like receiving feedback and trying to do better and improve for our customers.”

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