Graduate Profile

Leon Ren

Leon Ren - Architectural Technology

Structural Designer, Donovan Engineering

“I chose to come to NorthTec and Northland because I believe this is where I will experience the ‘real’ New Zealand. Northland provides more than I expected, it is beautiful in every way– the natural landscape, forests and seas, the relaxed lifestyle, and the people here are so kind. I also love the warm climate in Northland and it is a quiet, peaceful place to live.

“New Zealand building styles are quite different to that in China, where I come from. It`s hard to find two similar buildings here, they are all unique and beautiful. This helped me to make up my mind to study Architectural Technology.

“What I love about studying Architectural Technology in NorthTec is that everyone has such great ideas, and we were able to transfer the ideas into reality by working together, which is pretty cool.

“It’s a fun programme and the tutors were very helpful, as well as my classmates. This is especially important for an international student whose first language is not English.

“The living cost in Northland is a lot cheaper compared to other cities, and it`s easier to commute to work or study. Whangarei is not a large place but you receive all the opportunities you need. I knew there was always help available if I needed it.

“One thing I will always take away from my studies at NorthTec was how to research, how to ask questions, and how to work well with others. These fundamental skills will help me throughout my career.

“Working at Donovan Group as a Structural Designer is a great job to be in. I design the structure for steel buildings large and small from all over New Zealand. I model the building in 3D software and generate drawings for consent. Once approved, I clean up the model and make sure every detail is perfect before sending it to the factory to manufacture every single part - columns, beams etc.  Then the kitset will be sent onsite wherever it is in New Zealand.

“So far, I have done nearly 100 projects and am really enjoy helping to build the country that I am living in!”

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