Graduate Profile

Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh - Cookery

Chef, Salt Air Cafe

“I chose to study at Northland because I wanted to experience a different lifestyle than I had in India. I didn’t want to be in a big city with a lot of crowds – I wanted to experience the culture of New Zealand. And, NorthTec is the only polytechnic in Northland, so it was a no-brainer.

"The tutors at NorthTec helped me with every step of my study. I learnt so much. All of the basics, and more. There is a lot of practical components to the programme, but a lot of theory work as well so we understand the basics of cookery. My favourite part was learning the theory and then going into the kitchen and putting it into practice.

“It definitely helped me to gain employment. When I completed my studies in 2016, I got a job straight away. That was my motivation to get me through my studies, knowing that I needed to support myself after I had completed.

“The people that were in my class alongside me were so nice and helpful. I am a vegan chef so I needed to rely on the help of my classmates to get me through my studies. We were all from different areas of the world but we were so close. They really did help me through my studies.

“People in Northland are just so friendly and helpful. I have so many friends from the multicultural community of Whangarei. I never want to leave! There really is a community culture in Whangarei and that is reflected in NorthTec as well. It felt like a family.

“Studying at NorthTec is great, especially the location of the campus and the tutors. When you have nice, friendly and highly educated tutors, there is nothing to complain about! The campus in Raumanga is huge – there is no issue with parking, a big library and student common room.

“I am now the main chef here at Salt Air Café in Ngunguru. I like everything about it – especially creating menus and ordering from suppliers. I love knowing everything about the café and how it runs.”

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