Graduate Profile

Jadeen Hart

Jadeen Hart – Art Academy

Tattoo Artist, Moko Fusion

"I went to Whangarei Girls High School, and in my last year of school I signed up to NorthTec’s Art Academy.

"NorthTec’s Art Academy opened me up to so much more than just painting and drawing, which was what I learnt in high school. I was introduced to different mediums and artists, even worked in the Art Gallery. It made me curious about other art industries. It helped me to started finding myself more as an artist, it made me love art more.

"Training at NorthTec helped me get into the career I am in today by helping me put together a portfolio of all my best works and I got to network with other artists. It helped to define myself as an artist.

"I love working as a tattoo artist. I like having artistic freedom with my work and giving customers and clients an original work - and seeing a lot of myself on people!

"My advice for high school students unsure of what they want to would be to do something you love to do – but also think about your future."