Jadeen Hart – Art Academy

Tattoo Artist, Moko Fusion

Training at NorthTec helped me get into the career I am in today. It helped me to started finding myself more as an artist, it made me love art more.

Jaspreet Singh - Cookery

Chef, Salt Air Cafe

“Studying at NorthTec is great, especially the location of the campus and the tutors. When you have nice, friendly and highly educated tutors, there is nothing to complain about! People in Northland are just so friendly and helpful. I have so many f…

Lauren Taylor

NorthTec is not a second-class option, I always felt like going to a polytechnic meant that I wasn't as successful as the rest of my year group who went off to university. Take it from someone who has been to both, NorthTec was a far better option a…

Leon Ren - Architectural Technology

Structural Designer, Donovan Engineering

“I chose to come to NorthTec and Northland because I believe this is where I will experience the ‘real’ New Zealand. Northland is beautiful – the environment, the mountains, the sea, the people. I love the warm weather and it is a quiet, peaceful li…

Melissa Tan - Business

Owner, Jolt Cafe

“The Bachelor of Applied Management not only helped me to run my business, it also helped me in everyday life. I found it very useful – I learnt about leadership, communication and management skills which I apply to the running of my business, and a…

Tori Evans - Nursing

Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Whangarei Hospital

“NorthTec is a great place to learn. The atmosphere at NorthTec is the best part - it’s a small campus and you get to know all the faces. Every one of the tutors knows you by name, they know a bit about you and your goals. It is such a close-knit co…

Vinkal Gaur - Sport & Recreation

Rehabilitation Manager, Activ8

“I like everything about the programme. The tutors are passionate, they have real industry experience and they know their stuff. It’s a good balance between academic study and hands-on experience. And, it’s actually a lot of fun!”