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Zara Pyle - Bachelor of Nursing

Zara Pyle - Bachelor of Nursing

“I am from a medical family, with my dad a nurse specialist, and my mum a podiatrist, and they have both empowered me and inspired me to chase my calling of nursing.”

“It started with going on a few mission trips to Tonga with church. I was about eleven when I first went, assisting with medical care. Seeing the deep need and poverty there struck something in my heart. It was then I thought of the possibility of becoming a nurse.” 

“I volunteered for a time at the Hospice Inpatients unit before beginning my nursing degree through NorthTec. Stand-outs of the course were the supportive tutors and classmates, and being able to work with patients and bring smile to their faces in the midst of their pain. It was the only reward I needed.” 

“Throughout my degree, I struggled a lot with anxiety and panic attacks, but with support from my family and friends, along with my husband encouraging me to get professional help, I was able to begin my journey of recovery and success. I remember standing at the Whakawatea (NorthTec Marae farewell), and looking back at how far I had come, knowing that I wouldn’t be standing where I was without God’s help and my mum’s prayers.” 

“Early in the degree, I wasn’t sure what area of nursing I would be interested in, until my placement in my local Onerahi community medical centre. I really enjoyed the variety of the work and the great team I worked alongside.”

“My final placement was at the same medical centre where I further grew in my skills, and was greatly supported by the team there, especially with the stress and panic I felt at times. It was really encouraging knowing I wasn’t alone when I asked for help, and that the skills I grew during those hard times have enabled me to be a more empathetic nurse, especially in the area of mental health struggles.” 

“I am now very grateful to be working in a job I love as a practice nurse at Onerahi Family Healthcare Centre. I’ve grown a lot in confidence and in my ability to know I can help others thanks to NorthTec’s fantastic degree. My goal is to continue to grow my nursing skills, give back to my local community, and to do more study in the areas of mental health, and wound care management.”

“So, I encourage you to chase your dreams, and to know it’s OK to ask for help to get to them.”

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