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Simon (Siyu) Shen

Simon (Siyu) Shen - Accounting

“I needed a high IELTS score to get accepted for degree study at NorthTec through a Chinese University that has a partnership with NorthTec. I got a high score so was accepted even though I was not yet 17 years old then. I was keen to become an accountant because I was good at maths and my Mum had trained me to be independent, so I enrolled for the Bachelor of Applied Management majoring in accountancy.”

“The best aspect of my degree study has been the support of the tutors and NorthTec International which resulted in me being offered a business internship. My basic goal was to get as much experience as I could outside my study, and it started with a part-time job as a kitchen hand when I first came to NorthTec. I got fired because I was too slow, so I went to International and offered to help with English classes for free.”

“I enjoyed the course study but the accountancy jargon and language was a bit of a stretch for my English at the beginning. Last year I became the NorthTec student rep for CA ANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand) to help promote the organisation to students. Before that, in my second year, I was lucky enough to be part of the CA ANZ achiever programme which matches students with a potential employer. Through this I did a two-week internship with a power company and later that year they offered me regular contract work.”

“When I completed my degree last year, that company offered me a permanent role and I’m really enjoying it. The degree study helped me understand the basics of accounting and now I can see the relevance and I’m applying the knowledge to real-life situations. This is a large organisation and my skills, my thinking and my mindset have really grown and broadened since I’ve been working here. This company is great to work for and people are really accessible.”

“I will now continue to do my CA ANZ modules to become a charted accountant and I’ll see what unfolds from there.”

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