Graduate Profile

Nimmy Santhosh - Applied Arts

Nimmy Santhosh - Applied Arts

“I decided to do my degree at NorthTec because when it came to choosing a country to study in from India, the best options were New Zealand or Italy. I didn’t want to learn another language so I chose New Zealand, and of all the places I applied to, NorthTec was the first to respond. It’s been a great choice.”  

“I was always into art and my grandfather says I started drawing at three, but I never really thought of a career in art because I was into science. In the boarding school I went to in India we did Cambridge exams and my Dad encouraged me to take art as an option and to go on at study art at uni.”

“What I loved most about the NorthTec course were the really cool people I met and became close to. Because I’ve moved around a lot in my life, I previously have tended to keep to myself but here everyone is so different and friendly, and as an artist I found that nourishing and inspiring. Māori culture was new and exciting to me too and I’ve learnt to understand a bit more about that now.”

“Photography has become a surprise focus for me and I’ve learned that I’m good at it. In my final year, my photography progressed into doing a video immersive installation and I loved it. The workload in that last year though was quite stressful, and then to add to it, I broke my elbow. It was overwhelming but friends got me through it – including driving me around.”

“Now that I have graduated, I am doing a Gallery Study course while working as an assistant at the Geoff Wilson Gallery at NorthTec, and I’m doing some freelance photographic work out in the community as well. One day I’d love to own a gallery/studio that includes graphic design and photography, but for now I’ll see where this course takes me.”