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Laine Monkhouse - Client Manager
Laine and Employer, Jancy Stott

Laine and Employer, Jancy Stott

Laine Monkhouse - Accounting

Client Manager

“When I did well at the admin and technology course in Kerikeri a few years ago, the tutor suggested I enrol for the longest and hardest course going – the Bachelor of Applied Management. So I did. It was a push for me but it was great and has landed me this wonderful job at PKF in Kerikeri.”

“When I completed the degree I literally door-knocked at all the accountancy firms around Kerikeri and Paihia and I particularly wanted a firm who could help me become a Chartered Accountant. When I called in here I saw Alison Lemon who is one of the directors, and she said two of their staff were soon to be on maternity leave so they may want to hire a graduate in the near future.”

“I got offered a job as Client Manager, started straight away and jumped in with two feet. In addition to my role managing client cases, I also train clients in using Xero, do training with GST, do annual accounts, compliance work and some coaching. I know everything that goes on here and I love to participate and be involved.”

“I especially like that everything we do here is underpinned by our values of exceeding expectations, coaching, fresh thinking, being passionate, and having life balance. I realise I particularly like client care and our emphasis is on helping people achieve their own goals. We train people so they can be independent rather than rely on us for their financial figuring and systems.” 

“The level of tasks in my NorthTec degree was in-depth and intricate and directly relevant to the work I’m doing here. A study context can’t replicate work-a-day situations but the course set the expected standards, and the major case study in our final year involved a business plan, analysis and a large presentation at a professional level.”

“I’m enjoying the fast pace here and every day is different. We have a small team with a really supportive vibe. I’m currently doing my CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand) training and I’m very aware how much support I need to complete that. I hope to have someone point me as to what is best to do in the longer term when I finish that.”

Employer of Laine Monkhouse

Jancy Stott - Director PKF Poutsma Lemon

“Our business is people, and when Laine approached us looking for work, we could see she had an outstanding attitude and great people skills so we created a position as Client Manager that would work. As a graduate, we knew she had no experience but we’ve always got an eye out for the right person and we can provide the experience and training.”

“We now know that she sold herself short because as well as working here, Laine has two small boys and helps her husband run two restaurants they have in Paihia. It’s all about people and multi-tasking and her values line up with ours. All of our decisions are made in reference to our values of coaching, fresh thinking, exceeding expectations, being passionate and having life balance.”

“I don’t personally know much about NorthTec training but Laine’s studies have made her studious and capable. She researches info for herself, she thinks outside the box and she has all the core accountancy skills.”

“Laine is one of our team of Client Managers and at the moment she also does our Xero training and she is beginning to give business advice. We’re giving her more complex cases so she is gradually working her way up, and we’re supporting her with her CAANZ studies.”

“Laine is a great fit for our team, which happens to be all women (not intentional), with an average age of just under 40. So we’re different from the perceived accountancy and business advisor stereotype. We like to pass on education and training to our clients to help them to be more self-sufficient with their financial skills, and Laine is an integral part of that.”

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