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Kyla Williams

Kyla Williams - Nursing

“My first experience of nurses was a bad one. My brother broke his neck when he was 15 and the way the nurse treated him and our family made things really hard for my parents and my brother at a time when we were all very vulnerable.”

“When I was leaving school, I had no direction for my future but a friend was doing nursing and suggested I’d be good at it. I then remembered that first nursing incident and realised I’d like to make a positive difference to people at a hard point in their lives, so I signed up.”

“Initially I found the assignments daunting but the tutors were dedicated and totally there for us, so they helped made it easy. During my training I was surprised to find I had a love for working with older adults. My grandparents are relatively young so I had no experience with older people. One of my placements was in a rest home and I found I just wanted to reach out to the people there and wrap them up with love.”

“Later my elective was in the orthopaedic ward at the Whangarei Hospital where we were also working with older people and I realised the importance of simply treating them with respect and dignity. I also really enjoyed the supportive environment of that whole ward so when I finished my degree I applied for a position there and got the job – subject to my results. I took the summer off and then there was the scary wait until heard that I had passed.”

“I am so happy working at the orthopaedic ward now. Everything I studied is relevant to my job here and I’m applying it in practice. I’m growing in confidence in this really supportive environment and I like the mix of older and younger people that we care for. It’s satisfying giving them the support they need.”

“I’ll continue to learn and get more experience here for a quite a while and see where my career takes me. I’m keen to go overseas sometime and maybe volunteer somewhere. There are so many types of nursing and so many places it can take you.”

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