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Kiel Boyd - Bachelor of Nursing

Kiel Boyd - Bachelor of Nursing

“I was motivated to train as a nurse when my Poppa got sick and I watched my Nana struggling to be his care-giver. I wanted to understand how to best support her. Sadly she later got unwell too and my Poppa is now in a rest home.”

“I have been working at the long-stay surgical ward at the hospital since finishing my degree and it is where I did my elective. I wanted to be in ICU but they don’t take graduates, so this is the next best decision and I’m so glad I’m here. It is the ward where the ICU patients are transferred to. It is such a good grounding here for nursing in general and for working in ICU later if I choose to.” 

“My NorthTec training aligns perfectly with I’m doing now out on the ward. We’re very lucky that NorthTec and the DHB work so closely together to ensure our training is the best fit for what they want from graduates. The tutors are fantastically supportive and I still have conversations now with them. Our small classes mean we got to know each other really well, often when we were tired and stressed, so we have a built-in professional network now to call on that we know and trust.”

“My biggest challenge was that I was working part time as a retail sales assistant at the same time as trying to fit in placements and study. I had to do this until my last year, and my advice is that if you don’t have to work, don’t. It’s too stressful.”

“I applied for my position at the hospital when I finished my degree, and as with other nurses, found out the day after my exams, that I had the job. Even though our training is such a good fit, the real learning starts once you start working. You’re totally responsible for your own decisions. You have to find the evidence, make your decision and take the action, and by doing that repeatedly, you build confidence. There’s plenty of staff support and I keep asking questions so it’s a time of huge growth and is very fulfilling work.”

“I start my post grad study later in the year and I’ll probably choose to focus on surgical nursing for my second year. I’m in the right place, doing what I want to be doing.”

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