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Katarina Tamehana - Resource Nurse

Katarina Tamehana - Nursing

Resource Nurse

“I’m a different person with regards to my confidence, skills and self-esteem since I’ve done my nursing training and started working in the hospital 18 months ago. I love it and am amazed at my progress and at what I can offer.”

“I didn’t finish school and was pregnant at a young age, so when I decided nursing was my calling I started with foundation studies level 3 and 4. Our tutors took time out to help us on a personal basis and that care helped get me through. They were like on-campus kaitiaki for us.”

“Early in the course I wasn’t sure of my area of interest but then I had a placement in the paediatric ward and I knew that was it for me. When I finished my degree I applied for a new graduate position on the paediatric ward at Whangarei Hospital. The morning of our whakawatea (farewell from NorthTec) I received a phone call from my manager saying I’d got the job. To find out you have a job before state final results are out and before you even graduate is crazy. I was overwhelmed, I couldn't believe it and I actually cried.”  

“Our nursing training was prefect preparation for my job. The number of placements was a good balance with the theory, so the course gave me the confidence to take my place on the ward. The managers here express their confidence in our ability and practice by giving us roles and they've made me Resource Nurse for a few shifts now so I must be doing something right. At first I was extremely nervous because I’ve only been practising for a little over 18 months, however on ward 2 we have a really supportive team so my senior nurses embraced me and supported me to step up.”

“Now that I’ve completed my NETP (Nurse Entry to Practice) and had a peaceful year off study, I plan to finish my post-grad study next year, get my registration to practice in Australia, and go over to Melbourne. I'd love to go to Australia to get some experience and of course to earn some money, then come home and give back.”

“My dream goal for my career is to one day be the clinical manager of the paediatric ward here at Whangarei Hospital.”

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