Graduate Profile

Kaila Verdadero

Kaila Verdadero - Business

“I did my degree in business management at a university in the Philippines and had worked in the same office job there since then. I was ready for a change, was keen to upskill, and I saw New Zealand as a good opportunity, so applied to the NorthTec international campus in Auckland. I’ve just completed my Graduate Diploma in Business which will be forever on my CV now.”

“The diploma involved eight months of study and the best part of it was the attitude and competence of the tutors. They gave us clear guidelines but were adamant that we were independent in how we went about things. This worked well for me because I prefer to work alone and then get feedback. I found the papers in the last semester were hard but the other students helped me calm down and de-stress.”

“While I was studying I was working part time in a retail store, and since graduating I have been given a position as Assistant Manager in that store. One of our study subjects was consumer behaviour so it’s fascinating now to see the exact things we learnt about, played out in life. All of what we learnt is a perfect fit for my work now.”

“Since I’ve been working here, my sense of responsibility has grown a lot. There’s a real consequence for your actions and you have to do certain things to get results. I’m operating at a whole different level.”

“I’m keen to stay in this job to learn more then would like to progress to the role of Manager. My dream situation would be to be Regional Manager of all the stores of this retail firm in Auckland. That would be a huge leap and require some major life changes but I know it’s possible.”

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