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Jessica Swanepoel - Check-in Agent, Air New Zealand

Jessica Swanepoel - Travel and Tourism

Check-in Agent, Air New Zealand

“When I started the course I wanted to be a travel agent but I gradually became more interested in working in the airlines. I’m now the Airline Check-in Agent for Air New Zealand at the Whangarei airport. The job popped up a couple of months before I finished my course so I applied and got into the next intake after I finished. I’ve been here a year and I love it.”

“Because we’re a small airport, my job ranges from checking in customers, to loading cargo, to helping with boarding. The best part of the job is talking to the customers and making sure they’re happy.”

“Absolutely everything from the course is relevant to my job. We covered customer service, understanding foreign speech, body language, and using the Amadeus check-in system that the airlines use. Amadeus was the toughest part of the course for me but was so worthwhile. We also get training on the job but I felt really well prepared.”

“When I started I was really shy and kept checking in with my manager to see that I was doing OK. Every day I was improving and now I’ve gained confidence and things mostly run smoothly. We sometimes have to deal with people who are angry or frustrated about delays, so my people skills have improved a lot too and I find ways to help them through it.”

“I’d love to be here for a few more years then I’ll think about going to Auckland and training as a flight attendant. I applied for that when I was 18 but I didn’t have the confidence or experience that I’m developing now.”

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