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Elizabeth Halvorson - Bachelor of Nursing

Elizabeth Halvorson - Bachelor of Nursing

“Getting my nursing degree has given me so many career options for the future. I’m working in a medical ward at the hospital now and am building the base for my next 30 years for work and for family.”

Elizabeth had been working in beauty therapy for 15 years (including teaching at NorthTec) when she decided it was time for a change. “I wanted to be empowered at a higher level academically in order to progress, and nursing gives me a huge range of pathways to follow. But it was a big consideration to stop work and study for three years. It needed a commitment not just from me but also from the family and extended family that they were on board with the changes this would bring. We made it and it’s been really worthwhile”

“I loved the flexibility of the blended learning with some time in class, some in placements, and some online. It was a challenge to manage study and family time, but I think maturity brings a bit more self-discipline and motivation, and the tutor and family support were rock solid.”

“I did one of my placements at a renal and haemodialysis specialist facility and really enjoyed that work but I want to get a good general nursing grounding first so when I finished my degree I applied for a position in a medical ward. Now that I’m in the ward working, I realise that I utilise every bit of information that we learnt as students. It all comes together.”

“Since I’ve been working I feel a sense of empowerment. It’s inspiring to be doing something so useful, and it’s humbling at the same time. I have my self-doubts occasionally but I’m learning so much on the ward about protocol and disciplines and I get more skills every day, so I’m constantly up-levelling my confidence and competence.”

“Post graduate study is my next step, and once I feel I have a good general nursing grounding, I may specialise in some field. For now, the journey I’m on is showing me what the options may be.”

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