Brooke Hartigan - Biodiversity Management

Biodiversity Advisor in Lakes

“I love the range of activity in this job and everything I did in my course is relevant.” 

Daniel McLaren - Construction

ITAB Apprentice

I’m at the end of my second year as an apprentice with Ken Topp Builders, so I come to block courses at NorthTec for two weeks twice a year.

Eden Webber - Mechanical Engineering

Machining Apprentice

About a month into the course the tutor said there was an apprenticeship coming up at what was then Brian Craig Engineering, which specialised in machining rather than fabrication, so I grabbed the opportunity

Elizabeth Halvorson - Bachelor of Nursing

Now that I’m in the ward working, I realise that I utilise every bit of information that we learnt as students. It all comes together.

Jessica Swanepoel - Travel and Tourism

Check-in Agent, Air New Zealand

Absolutely everything from the course is relevant to my job. . The best part of the job is talking to the customers and making sure they’re happy.

Josh Berterlink - Agriculture

I’m learning to shift stock, check on the calves, feed out, do fencing, and weed with the chainsaw. I love that there’s lots of diversity in a day

Kaila Verdadero - Business

One of our study subjects was consumer behaviour so it’s fascinating now to see the exact things we learnt about, played out in life. All of what we learnt is a perfect fit for my work now.

Katarina Tamehana - Nursing

Resource Nurse

I’m a different person with regards to my confidence, skills and self-esteem since I’ve done my nursing training and started working in the hospital 18 months ago

Kawiti Wiremu - Whakairo

Whakairo practitioner and tutor

The mentoring/tutoring from the late Te Kuiti Stewart had a profound influence on me and my work as a practitioner, and as a tutor of whakairo.

Kiel Boyd - Bachelor of Nursing

We’re very lucky that NorthTec and the DHB work so closely together to ensure our training is the best fit for what they want from graduates. The tutors are fantastically supportive and I still have conversations now with them.

Kyla Williams - Nursing

I am so happy working at the orthopaedic ward now. Everything I studied is relevant to my job here and I’m applying it in practice.

Laine Monkhouse - Accounting

Client Manager

I especially like that everything we do here is underpinned by our values of exceeding expectations, coaching, fresh thinking, being passionate, and having life balance.

Ngametua Terei - Social Services

It has taken 15 years to turn my life around and six years to complete my degree but my life has now changed forever

Rachel Tribble - Hospitality

Front of House

I’ve gone from being painfully shy to being confident enough to enjoy all aspects of hospitality work. The tutors really model what’s possible and I’ve learned from them how to be adaptable.

Sheryl Mai - Te Reo

Mayor of Whangārei

On my first Mayoral campaign trail back in 2013, someone asked me whether would I learn Te Reo if I became Mayor. I said yes. And I have.

Simon (Siyu) Shen - Accounting

I did a two-week internship with a power company and later that year they offered me regular contract work. That company offered me a permanent role and I’m really enjoying it

Trish Fenton - Applied Writing


In my last year of the course I was offered a place in Level 7 which requires students to complete a major project. It was a perfect opportunity for me to write my 82,000 word novel.

Zara Pyle - Bachelor of Nursing

I am now very grateful to be working in a job I love as a practice nurse at Onerahi Family Healthcare Centre. I’ve grown a lot in confidence and in my ability to know I can help others thanks to NorthTec’s fantastic degree.