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Regina Rapata - Applied Management

Regina Rapata - Applied Management

“I was nervous yet excited approaching the final aspect of my degree, the Co-operative Education Project, as I didn’t know which project to choose from. In 2017, a new ‘Internship Program’ was established as a practicum element for business students to work in an employment setting. The internship enabled me to apply all the knowledge and skills I learnt and to gain first-hand experience working alongside business professionals and clients”.

“I had the privilege to undergo an internship with Northland Inc, Regional Economic Development Agency, who are based within ‘The Orchard’ which is a co-working business and event space for Northland business professionals. I was guided by the ‘Business, Innovation and Growth team’ who were collaborating with Northland’s food and beverage sector by introducing the ‘Savour Northland’ project. I took the lead on this project by developing a GIS interactive food map for Northland”.

“As a student, it was challenging to link the academic process that we had learnt, to the day-to-day employment environment. It was stimulating to work alongside respected business professionals, and reassuring to have support from my internship stakeholders, community leaders and NorthTec to accomplish the project within the year - all under one building”.

“I finished my final assessment on my birthday, so I was giving myself the greatest gift I ever could, which is ‘education’ and completing my degree. I broke down with four years of emotions, cuddled my babies and was able to rest, go on holiday and focus on our family unit over the summer to celebrate and prepare for the beginning of a new journey.”

“At graduation, the achievement felt official with the formal acknowledgement of all that hard work. I did it! We did it!” At the graduation ceremony Regina was also presented with the NorthTec Council prize for Bachelor of Applied Management – highest academic performance.

“Since graduating, I’ve had offers to facilitate and assist with teaching Microsoft Project. I had mastered the software by trial and error and simply by figuring out its elements and functions. Once I commit to something, I will get right into it, challenge myself, and do the best I can do.”

As Regina looks ahead and prepares to start facilitating the Microsoft Project, a business idea of her own is gestating. “The thoughts are just in the seed stage, but I’d love to link several graduates, Te Tai Tokerau Māori, and the business arena together. These times are bringing an opportunity for new beginnings and I feel I can help that happen.”

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