Graduate Profile

Paras Monga

Paras Monga - Civil Engineering

Intermediate Projects Engineer with Whangarei District Council, Northland Transportation Alliance

“I was already studying in the civil engineering field back in India when I decided to go overseas and continue my studies. I chose New Zealand and NorthTec on the recommendation of a friend. I studied full-time for two years and completed my NZDE Civil (New Zealand Diploma in Civil Engineering) at the end of 2016. In the last year of my study, NorthTec helped me get a job in a local civil engineering consultancy firm where I began my engineering career.”

“I now work full time as an Intermediate Projects Engineer with the Whangarei District Council. My main interest has always been in highways and traffic engineering so I chose to specialise in roading in my Diploma.”

“The NorthTec Diploma is really relevant to my work here, especially the content on traffic, highways, geotechnical and structural engineering. As part of my diploma I was also required to study Engineering Management which emphasises the basis of a contract between the client (local government in my case) and the contractor. It also helps in understanding the day to day problems faced in managing a project and how to solve these problems professionally.”
“All the tutors at NorthTec are very experienced and most of them teach part-time at NorthTec while still working full time in the civil engineering industry. This ensures that the course content stays current and relevant, and helps students gain local knowledge.”

“I’ve now decided do my Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering by correspondence with the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand (accredited by University of Southern Queensland, Australia). I also did a couple of bridging courses in addition to my Diploma at NorthTec last year. USQ and Open Poly have recognised my diploma and the bridging papers and they have cross credited around half of my degree on this basis. Most engineering employers, including my current employer, are very supportive and they often grant scholarships to their employees for relevant training as part of their professional development - which I really like.”

“I’ve learnt a lot by implementing our NorthTec course content since I started working in this industry. It has contributed to both my personal and professional development especially in the areas of engineering, project management and building relations with various stakeholders.”

“I still continue to learn a lot every day and my long-term plan is become a successful Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).”

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