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Megan Dickinson - Applied Arts

Megan Dickinson - Applied Arts

Curator at MD Gallery

“Twenty years ago I had the idea to open a gallery but I put it aside until now. I opened the MD Gallery in downtown Whangarei mid-2017, and for me it’s all about curating. I’ve been curating since I was a child. I worked as a florist and taught floristry for 15 years but I wanted to curate art. Deciding to do my degree in applied arts was a real turning point for me.”

“Committing to that study gave me the opportunity to contemplate things that mattered to me and gave me the confidence to rediscover what I was good at. The tutors were practising artists themselves with solid reputations and they were beyond dedicated in sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience. When I finished the degree in 2014 I went into recovery mode for a while then I entered the Corban’s Art Awards and won second place in the sculpture section. That re-awoke my creativity.”

“At around that time I started work at The Shutter Room as a curator and was there for a couple of years. I exhibited some of my own photograms (photos made without a camera) and installations there. The transition from The Shutter Room to running my own gallery was prompted by turning 50. It was an ‘if not now…when’ moment so I started looking for premises and found this high-foot-traffic site in early 2017.”

“I curate both group and solo shows here, mostly for Whangarei artists, ranging from emerging to established. There’s been a gap in Whangarei for a fine art gallery space and I’m now providing that space. I’m into making connections between the viewer and artist, and showing viewers how to hang a mix of photographs, paintings and prints together.”

“My focus now is to establish both my client and artist bases, but to me the best part of having the gallery is hanging the work – the curating.”

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