Graduate Profile

Maggie Naera - Kaiawhina
Johnny Seve (Employer)

Johnny Seve (Employer)

Maggie Naera - Social Services

Kaiawhina at Ngati Hau Health and Social Services

“Doing my degree was the best decision I’ve ever made and now that I’m working in the field I’m even more driven to make a difference.”

“The stand-outs of the course were both the personal and the professional development from being on that journey. I grew so much as a person and I realised how important networking with colleagues is. It’s also much easier to learn when we apply the theory in our practicum work. When I started studying I wanted to do counselling but later I realized social work offered more scope for initiative, flexibility and creativity – which are my strengths.”

Maggie now works in social work in two roles. She runs the Girls Group for Ngati Hau Health and Social Services in collaboration with Te Ora Hou, and she has a contracted internship to provide cultural support for staff at Whangarei Youth Space. “I got my job at Ngati Hau by working there in my second year placement while still studying. The Girls Group is for girls aged 8-12 who at high risk due to their environmental factors. And I got the job at Youth Space through a Ngati Hau recommendation.”

“The NorthTec degree is directly relevant to my current work – especially as I’ve used the models, frameworks and tools to shape my practice. Looking at social change from community through to national and global levels is also really applicable for the Youth Space work. I use a strength-based approach, working holistically with a focus on whakawhanaungatanga - making meaningful relationships with both clients and colleagues.”

“Since I’ve been working, I’m a lot more confident in my ability, I’m more passionate and driven, and I know that I know my stuff. I want to continue to work with children and young people and I feel happy to have found work that I feel so passionate about.”

Employer of Maggie Naera

Johnny Seve - General Manager of Ngati Hau Health and Social Services

“I mentored Maggie through her practicum time here with a mix of nurture and challenge, then by the end of the practicum time, I needed someone in the Girls Group role. It made sense to employ her as we had already invested the time, we had seen her flourish and we knew she would be good at the job.”

“The theoretical frameworks that Maggie brings from the NorthTec degree have given added structure to our front-line and company practices. Maggie also brings with her a broader peer network to help our team with maintaining self-care, and with providing added input when facing conflicts.”

“I had already worked reasonably closely with NorthTec but employing Maggie has developed that collaboration to another level. We’re clear on what we can offer students and we’re now also know the value of what students can bring to us. We’ll certainly look to engage with others from the NorthTec social work programme when we’re ready to expand our team.”

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