Graduate Profile

Lee Brogan - Applied Arts

Lee Brogan - Applied Arts


“Doing the Applied Arts degree gave me confidence in my own art and a context for art’s place in the world. I did the course part time while I was working and had family, and since graduating, my art practice has continued to evolve and diversify.”

“I had always wanted to get a degree but left New Zealand at 16 years old then returned to work in commercial art and magazine publishing for 20 years. This involved production, administration and advertising.”

“When I made the commitment to do my degree, I started in ceramics then got known for glass. I have been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards four times and the Ranamok Glass Prize three times amongst other awards. Once I started on the professional study track with art, there was carry-over into other areas of my life. I took my creative work more seriously, lifted my game, gained confidence and learnt to diversify.”

“Since graduating I continue to move on multiple creative fronts. A pleasing new development is an opportunity to get back into graphic design as Graphic Designer and International Production Manager on a contract basis for a magazine based in Australia.”

“I have an upcoming exhibition in Whangarei that involves abstract digital print and video works. I had two solo shows in 2016 - one in Auckland and one in Nelson - and in 2018 I have a sculpture, collage and print exhibition in Kerikeri.”

“My arts degree has given me a sense of direction with my art and the confidence to just get out there and do it.”