Graduate Profile

Khana Kiro - Agriculture
Sam Kidd, Assistant Manager of Oromahoe Trust and Khana Kiro

Sam Kidd, Assistant Manager of Oromahoe Trust and Khana Kiro

Khana Kiro - Agriculture

General Farm Hand at Oromahoe Trust farm

“I love hard work and I learn fast if I’m doing hands-on work. I came from the city and jumping on this course has introduced me to fencing and stabilised my life. I love fencing.”

“I’m now General Farm Hand on the 750-hectare Oromahoe Trust sheep and beef farm. This farm is a training farm for our course so I made the connection with Sam, the Assistant Manager here, when we were doing coursework here.”

“I was drawn to the job because it involved a lot of fencing but I now also do other farm work including mustering bulls - and I love it. I’ve gained new skills like tractor driving and stock handling too, and I help some of the course trainees when they come here.”

“A full time position available at the end of 2017 is my next step up. And eventually – I want Sam’s job!”

Employer of Khana Kiro

Sam Kidd – Assistant Manager of Oromahoe Trust

“Khana stood out when his NorthTec agriculture course came here. He was keen as and really got stuck in to the work. This farm is the premises where the students come to learn and I work with them, but they have a course tutor.”

“The students do drenching, docking and fencing as well as general farm work, and I helped Khana out by giving him the use of a dog. Because he was such a good worker we offered Khana a job working here as general farm hand for a six-month contract, then we added another six months. He built up more skills including tractor driving and general shepherding with his dog, so he’s now able to apply for a position coming up later in the year. It will be a step up for him…but no, he’s not ready to take my job yet!!

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