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Josh Padgett - Diesel Mechanic

Josh Padgett - Automotive

Diesel Mechanic – Keith Andrews Trucks

“I grew up around trucks because my Dad was a panel-beater and I knew I wanted to go into the automotive industry but not in panel-beating. I’ve had a link here at Keith Andrews Trucks as part of our high school Gateway Programme automotive option where I had a placement here for a day a week for four weeks. I spoke with the workshop manager and he suggested I do the NorthTec pre-trade course, then come back and apply for an apprenticeship. All the new apprentices here have done that course.”

“The pre-trade course was a great fit for working here. The tutors made sure we learnt the importance of a good attitude with both customers and workmates, and they emphasized safety. We got an overview of the basics of the industry and how things work, so we can grow off that foundation. We also got a lot of trade credits that knock a year off the apprenticeship. The tutors’ great contacts and links within the industry give the students a foot in the door with job opportunities.”

“I completed the one year pre-trade course and was then offered an apprenticeship here at Keith Andrews Trucks. It involved a night class once a week and a block course each year and I became trade qualified in 2016.”

Josh has continued to learn and train on the job. “I’ve done training in Mercedes Benz, Allison Transmissions, St Johns electric and hydraulic stretchers, North Power powerline bucket trucks, and have also got my welder’s qualification to be able to weld truck chassis. It’s a tough two day test and I was lucky enough to pass. Only two others in the company have it.”

“I really like the emphasis of everyone here on always moving forward. Keith Andrews Trucks is a growing business that is now three times the size that it was when I first started with them. My next step is to do a second apprenticeship here in auto-electrical and then I’ll see what unfolds from there.”

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