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Jazz Penney - Apprentice at Positive Electrical
Jazz Penney, and Ross Julian (Director of Positive Electrical)

Jazz Penney, and Ross Julian (Director of Positive Electrical)

Jazz Penney - Electrical Engineering

Apprentice at Positive Electrical

“I knew I wanted to get qualified in a trade. I had done a lot of things previously like nursing, beauty therapy, massage and café work, but realized a trade would give me a stable income as well as the opportunity to work at something I was good at and would enjoy. I chose Electrical Engineering but knew nothing about it when I started. I’m very passionate about it now and hope to do it forever.”

Jazz (Jasmin) is doing her apprenticeship with Positive Electrical having done the year-long pre-trade Electrical Engineering course at NorthTec. “During that year I did my practical with another electrical firm that wasn’t in a position to take me on, so they suggested I try here and I was accepted.”

“An apprenticeship is normally three and a half years but the course reduces that by a year. From my training there I already have an understanding of how electricity works, why we do things, and how to work safely.”

“Now that I’m working in electrical engineering, I love the mix of having to think, work physically, and be part of a team. We get to do different things every week out on residential and some commercial sites, and we have a great team here. I’m learning new things every day and also have to be more organized to manage my full time work with my family commitments.”

“When I finish my apprenticeship, I’ll be able to go out on jobs on my own. I’m really looking forward to being qualified and financially stable.”


Employer of Jazz Penney

Ross Julian – Director of Positive Electrical

“Jasmin was recommended to us by the company she did her practical work with during her NorthTec pre-trade training. We get a new apprentice every year but we’re particularly impressed with Jasmin.”

“She came to us keen to work and experienced in the basics of electrical engineering including understanding how electricity works and some tool use. She’s easily six months ahead of someone straight off the street. She’s also a bit older so she’s focused, motivated, and keen to learn. She’s on the job five days a week because she’s already completed the training that takes apprentices off the job for a day a week.”

“Jasmin helps out our tradesmen so she’s learning how to pre-wire houses, repair, test and tag sites, use tools and follow procedures. Our work is mostly on residential sites, with some commercial sites and some schools.”

“We’re really impressed with Jasmin and it will be great to have her as part of our team when she finishes her apprenticeship. For future apprentice intake here I’ll be looking for someone motivated to do the NorthTec pre-trade course and who has done the work experience that goes with it.”

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