Graduate Profile

Georgina Latter - Intermediate stylist
Brenda Johnson – Owner of Wild Hare n Beauty

Brenda Johnson – Owner of Wild Hare n Beauty

Georgina Latter - Hairdressing

Intermediate stylist at Wild Hare n Beauty

“I dabbled in hairdressing when I was young cutting friends’ and family’s hair – then I tried everything else. I did automotive, was in the fast food industry, a managerial role and cleaning. It all felt like work and I was sick of shift work so I decided to look at NorthTec study options. I realized there was a chance to learn to do hairdressing properly, did the interview, got accepted and loved it. I’m naturally good at it and my other work had helped me develop customer rapport.”

“I especially loved the science in the course that is the foundation for hairdressing. We learnt about the scalp, the hair, what’s in the products and how they can benefit you. We also had our own client base and worked with models for shampooing, highlighting and colour.”

“After a year at NorthTec I came here to Wild Hare n Beauty and asked for holiday work. I had come here as a customer and liked the environment and the range of customers. Brenda, the owner, offered me a job that became an apprenticeship. I got in-salon training here and had to sit units to get qualified but I also kept in touch with the NorthTec tutors. I’ve been here two years now and I love it. I love the staff, I love the clients, I love the work, and I’m about to qualify as a senior stylist.” 

“I love it here and it doesn’t feel like work. When it doesn’t feel like work – you’re in your dream job.”

Employer of Georgina Latter

Brenda Johnson – Owner of Wild Hare n Beauty

“When Georgina dropped off her CV we weren’t needing anyone here, but then our circumstances changed. She called back in at around that time and asked for work, and I loved her energy. I said yes to her because she was mature, knew where she was going, and brought all her relevant NorthTec skills with her.”

“Georgina could step straight in because she was used to handling a client base and she knew a lot of basic salon procedures, like how to shampoo. She also knew how to do things properly so I didn’t have to change any bad habits. I saw the unit standards she had already done and she wanted to go on and complete those with her apprenticeship.”

“I have owned a salon for eight years but had taken a huge risk a year previously when I bought this salon and then shifted premises to where we are now. It has turned out to be the best thing because of its connection to the community here and our team’s talent base. We have clients that come here from as far as Paihia and Auckland. We have six of us in our team here including me, and Georgina has done her apprenticeship with our senior stylist.  We love having her here and because it’s been such a good experience we will directly approach NorthTec if we need another team member in the future.”

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