Graduate Profile

Carmen Foster - Sous Chef

Carmen Foster - Cookery

Sous Chef, Coasana Restaurant, Te Awamutu

“I’ve been working here in hospitality since I was 15 years old and had no interest in being a chef until a young passionate chef inspired me as to what is possible. I then started studying, first at level three and then to my level 5 Diploma.”

“During my training I particularly loved working with the international students and being exposed to different foods and skills. I was working six days a week in Dargaville all the time I was studying in Whangarei because I didn’t want a student loan, so time management was a real discipline. I finished in late 2016.”

“I am now working at the Coasana Restaurant in Te Awamutu. My boss here has taught me a lot about different foods and I feel that I am constantly upgrading my skills.”

“I would love to work in a bigger place with more chefs so I can continue to learn on the job and be exposed to food and experiences that are new to me.”

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