Graduate Profile

Brad Crosbie - Automotive Apprentice

Brad Crosbie - Automotive

Apprentice – Keith Andrews Trucks

“I didn’t know much about automotive engineering but I was keen to learn. Before I started the course I brought my CV in here to Keith Andrews Trucks and they suggested I do the NorthTec pre-trade course. I loved it because I was hungry to learn and went into it with a fresh mind.”

“The course gave me a good general knowledge and exposed us to lots of different aspects of the industry, so I had a good grounding to come into the trade. As well as the automotive skill set, it gave us a good attitude for working with other people and keeping our work spaces and processes clean, tidy and safe.”

“Throughout the year of the course I was doing work experience here at Keith Andrews Trucks, and when I finished I applied for an apprenticeship here and got it. I’m doing the National Certificate in Motor Industry in Automotive Heavy Engineering with a Road Transport strand.”

“I love every part of working here and it’s been an easy transition from being a student to a working apprentice. I’m now starting to pick up things in more depth and am learning a lot more about how things work. I’m tapping into as much knowledge as I can here and will keep my focus as broad as possible for as long as possible to get a feel for what I want to specialize in later.”

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