Graduate Profile

April Rawiri – He Oranga Poutama Lead, Sport Northland
Shawni Paniona (Graduate), Anna Markwick(Employer/Graduate), April Warwick(Graduate)

Shawni Paniona (Graduate), Anna Markwick(Employer/Graduate), April Warwick(Graduate)

April Rawiri - Sport and Recreation

He Oranga Poutama Lead, Sport Northland

“Sport Northland is a great organisation to work for.”

“I started working at Kensington Fitness in a customer services role whilst completing last year of my degree. In the final weeks of that year, an opportunity arose to step into a job as a Green Prescription support person. I was in that position for three years before moving in to Healthy Lifestyle Lead in 2017, and on to my current position as He Oranga Poutama Lead. 

“Learning the content, skills, and attitudes from our Sport and Rec course, as well as my upbringing was a real match for my work here. The work experience that I got from our practical study time supported me to apply what we were learning. I continue to be challenged, learn and grow in my role here. Challenges are a big part of development and growth.”

“A lot of the skills I’ve learnt through study and work are transferable to home and family. Things like time management, interpersonal communication, understanding people better and knowing how to adapt, all apply to our lives. My mahi and the opportunities it offers every day, are fulfilling.”

Employer of April Warwick and Shawni Paniona

Anna Markwick – Community Sport Manager, Sport Northland

“I have been with Sport Northland for 22 years and completed the Degree in Sport and Recreation training through NorthTec. Everything I learnt in my training, I was able to implement and utilise at my work. I was also able to continue to work full time and choose papers and updates while working with this organisation.”

“As Community Support Manager, my role covers Green Prescription, He Oranga Poutama (Stairway to Well-being), plus working with schools, within the community, and at a regional level. Employing people suited to our organisation depends on a number of factors but educational learning is becoming more of a pre-requisites. In the 22 years I’ve been at Sport Northland, there’s been a shift from employing people solely with experience, to wanting people with educational qualifications who understand the science behind what they do.”

“We’re seeing an increase too in the need for our services as people either come back home to the north or move up here from Auckland or other regions. As the demand increases, we’re struggling to get enough people with the required qualifications, and the NorthTec Diploma in Sport and Recreation, plus the degree with AUT but through NorthTec, can provide those qualifications. People under-estimate the quality of NorthTec training.”

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