Graduate Profile

Amy Williams - Client Assistant
Trevor Peacock – Client Manager at Perpetual Guardian

Trevor Peacock – Client Manager at Perpetual Guardian

Amy Williams - Project Management

Client Assistant, Perpetual Guardian

“I’m Client Assistant here at Perpetual Guardian and I love the flexibility of the role. It includes client and staff communication and analysis of data. I chose the Project Management option for my degree and that choice seemed a positive point of interest at my job interviews.”

“Another big advantage on my CV was that during our course we were out interacting with local businesses with our industry projects. Mine was with a start-up business and I loved that our study was in a social environment.”

“There are several aspects of direct relevance from the course training to what I do in my work here. Because our assignments were done as a team, we learnt the skills and communication of teamwork which I can apply to our team environment here. Time management and scheduling are crucial to my role here in order to motivate myself and other people, and it was a key component of the Project Management study option. Working accurately with numbers and data is essential in business and finance, as is working with business info systems and being tech savvy. And our course also gave us good communication and presentation skills that I use here every day.”

“My first job after graduating was a summer contract at the Regional Economic Development Agency and that gave me a good understanding of business and data analysis. I’ve been working here at Perpetual Guardian since early 2016 and in that time I’ve become even more confident that I can present myself professionally and be respectful in a wide range of situations. My interpersonal skills have really developed and I’m enjoying being part of our team here. I’m learning as much as possible in every situation and I learn something about the world of business every day.”

Supervisor/Employer of Amy Williams

Trevor Peacock – Client Manager at Perpetual Guardian

“Amy applied for the Client Assistant vacancy here when it came up in early 2016. It was a position that had become redundant under the previous owner of the company but was re-instated when the company was amalgamated to become Perpetual Guardian.”

“Amy was one of 100 applicants and her stand-out qualities were her personality, her organisational skills, her computer skills including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) training, and her business acumen – all from her NorthTec degree. She could hit the ground running when she started here. Her delightful personality without the work skills, wouldn’t have been enough for the role.”

“I’ve been with the company for 34 years and my role is Client Manager. As Client Assistant, Amy’s role is to assist both the clients and the Client Managers, so her work can range from admin to assisting us with clients, taking notes at client meetings, witnessing wills and documents, and helping with staff organisation and support.”

“She’s really keen to learn and since Amy has been here, she has done two additional papers with the University of Western Sydney – one in wills and the other in powers of attorney and financial administration. We’re hoping she will stay with our team for as long as possible and she could become a Client Manager herself in the future. Longer term, her skills and experience would dovetail well into a solicitor’s office or another trust similar to this.”

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