Graduate Profile

Alysha Laurie - Hairdresser
Leith Matthews (Employer)

Leith Matthews (Employer)

Alysha Laurie - Hairdressing

Senior Stylist, Snip & Style

“I completed the NorthTec hairdressing programme while working at Snip & Style for my work experience. I chose Snip & Style because I thought it looked inviting and friendly and they had a broad client base. When I finished the work experience I kept calling in here because I missed the team – and I think they missed me.”

“After graduating from NorthTec’s NZ Certificate in Hairdressing in 2015, I then went on and completed the NorthTec NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy in 2016. The training at NorthTec was incredible because the tutors were so dedicated and thorough, were available one-on-one, and they helped us build up our own client base.”

“This meant I was customer ready and confident when I started work at the salon. I’ve now been working at Snip & Style for four years and in 2018 I completed my apprenticeship and became a Senior Stylist. 

“I’ve discovered my own drive – and it’s massive. I’m especially keen on hair-ups and have already started a Facebook page for doing hair for weddings and balls.”

“I love the team here. They have made my life incredible. I also love seeing my clients walk out of here feeling happy and beautiful. It’s a great feeling. I’m really happy with my choices.”

“One day I’d love to have a business offering both hair and make-up for high level people in the film and fashion industries.”

Employer of Alysha Laurie

Leith Matthews – Manager of Snip & Style

“Alysha first came to us for work experience in her first year NorthTec training for a day a week for six weeks. We loved having her here and the customers loved her. We have a broad spectrum of customers from children through to seniors. When Alysha completed her second year of NorthTec training, we took her on as an apprentice. A hairdressing apprenticeship takes three years, but after two years at NorthTec, Alysha does just the last year working here at the intermediate level and studying.”

“We usually only employ fully qualified hairdressers but we found Alysha’s training combined with her personality exceptional, so were keen to take her on as an apprentice. I wasn’t aware how much the NorthTec training prepared the students to be salon ready – almost at the same level as a fully trained person. She’s also really willing to learn and listen and has great customer facing skills. Some of this is from the NorthTec training and some is simply Alysha’s positive warm personality.”

“I would absolutely take on another NorthTec trained graduate if an opportunity came up here.”


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