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Nick Noble - Forestry

Nick Noble - Forestry

Nick Noble was already working as a breaker-out and skid worker in the forestry industry when his employer organised a group training for some of his crew.

“I’m working with a company that is keen to upskill us and that pays well. Training on the job means you get to apply what you’ve learnt straight away.”

Nick did an entry-level course before starting on his forestry training and was surprised by how much he enjoyed the process of learning. “We learned things like how to splice steel rope and how to work out safe working loads and tensions, so it was directly relevant to what we are doing every day. The tutor was patient and explained things in a way that was easy to understand.

“The training was a mix of on-the job work, paperwork, and study material to do at home, and it provided me with a lot more technical knowledge and understanding of why we do what we do. It also introduced me to the importance of having safe habits. We now put safety before everything else.”

Nick has now completed advanced qualifications in forestry. “The training has given me more job security and has increased my self-worth. These are things I hadn’t thought much about before. When I get more experience I would like to have my own machines and do my own thing as a sub-contractor.”

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