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Nardus Kroese - Accounting

Nardus Kroese - Accounting

“Nearly everyone needs an accountant, so my Applied Management degree has opened a world of opportunity for me.” Nardus arrived in Whangarei at age 14 from South Africa and has wanted to be an accountant since high school. “My Mum was an accountant but this training has introduced me to a broader skill set than I expected.”

“I loved all the accounting content but the managerial papers really helped me develop as a person and improve my communication skills. I was asked to be student rep for the business sector of NorthTec and I loved the interaction with students from all different courses. I met my networking crew through this and we worked as a team to set up student events like end of year dinners.”

Nardus reminds local people to look locally for tertiary study. “Being at a small polytechnic like NorthTec can be such an advantage. The classes are small so you get one-on-one input, plus you can save money by studying from home.” 

During the last year of his degree Nardus got the opportunity to work in the financial department of NorthTec. “There is an interview process and the idea is for students to see how the business runs. The experience really helped with the position I’ve now got at Fonterra as Business Services Officer in the accounts payable team. I thank all my friends, family and tutors who have assisted me on this journey.”

“Doing the Applied Management degree opened my eyes to the different specialties within accounting – like tax, auditing, and managerial accounting. I’m keen to become a Chartered Accountant and will probably decide between managerial and financial accountancy. Being with Fonterra gives me a great chance to get experience as well as options for stepping up.”

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