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Laura Gelder - Nursing

Laura Gelder - Nursing

Laura was in hospital as a patient herself when she realised nursing was what she would love to devote her life to. “During the hospital visits I noticed all the different ways I was treated, so I knew I could help give people a good patient care experience.”

Laura was still quite sick when she enrolled for the nursing course and had to push herself to begin. “I did a year in enrolled nursing first so I could get accepted for the degree, and then during the three-year nurse training process, I got well.”

“Studying at NorthTec meant I could continue to live at home, and the supportive environment and small class sizes helped reduce my anxiety at a time when I was vulnerable.  The mix of online work, hands-on experience, and lectures also made the study possible for me.”

Since graduating, Laura has continued to study while working in three different clinics. “I was keen to work out in the community so I got a practice nurse position at a GP clinic in Kaitaia, then worked as sole nurse at another branch of that clinic in Coopers Beach, and now I am a practice nurse at a medical clinic in Whangarei. Working in rural medical centres plus in the Whangarei one I am working in now, has meant I’ve learned a lot very quickly.” 

Laura’s dedication to nursing was recognised when she received the ACE Primary Health Care Award in 2015 for her work as a sole nurse in Coopers Beach. 

“I’m passionate about bringing great nursing care into our communities and my ambition now is to work as a Nurse Practitioner. This would give me more autonomy and more reward, and I am now working towards my Master’s degree in nursing so I can then do the training as a Nurse Practitioner.”

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