Terms and Conditions

NorthTec offers exciting possibilities for students to extend themselves through future-oriented technical, vocational and professional education with clear pathways to careers. 

NorthTec does not warrant that any programme is suitable for any individual student and their particular requirements. Each prospective student should make their own investigations as to whether the programme is suitable for their requirements.

Courses and programmes may be cancelled, postponed or have their content or configuration changed from time to time (including during the academic year) at the discretion of NorthTec.  

Programmes will run subject to minimum enrolment numbers.


The fees displayed on this website include GST and are subject to change. 

Withdrawal fee is $100.

The write off of credit balances are $10. 


Fees-free may not be available for all dates and locations, and are subject to change.

Fees-free intakes applies to domestic full-time students who not eligible for the Government Fees Free scheme.  Zero Fees applies to programme fees only and excludes any additional expenses, such as text books etc. 

Fees-free covers:

  • tuition fees
  • compulsory course costs, and
  • compulsory student services fees
There may be some other fees that are not part of ‘fees-free’;  optional fees such as some course materials which students will still need to pay.