NorthTec Construction Learners Build Playhouse for Charity

4 November 2021

NorthTec Construction Learners Build Playhouse for Charity

Two NorthTec construction learners have been working hard to build a playhouse which will be raffled off at the Whangārei Christmas parade to make money for charity.

The playhouse is being built by SandyLee Teirney and Vanessa Henderson, who are enrolled in NorthTec’s NZ Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Carpentry) Level 3. 

The Whangārei Lions Club and the Whangārei Rotary club have collaborated with NorthTec on this project, providing materials for its construction. Once built, it will be raffled off, and will take pride of place in one lucky family’s back yard. 

Whangarei Lions Club President, Ray Topia said: “The girls have done a fantastic job. We can’t wait to see the finished product.”

The parties involved have jointly decided to donate the proceeds of the raffle to the NZ Child Cancer Foundation. 

Sam Kelly, NorthTec’s Deputy Director of Products and Delivery said: “We are excited to be working with and supporting local charities in the community., We feel it’s part of our social responsibility and it gives our learners the chance to undertake some unique projects.”

SandyLee found the plans for the playhouse and converted them from imperial measurements to metric before starting construction. The house will be 8 feet by 8 feet which roughly equates to 2.4 metres by 2.4 metres. 

“I’ve learnt more doing this build than any other. It’s been a real challenge,” she said.

SandyLee started the build herself and, after a request for help from the tutors, was joined by new learner, Vanessa Henderson.

“Sandy’s been great, said Vanessa.” “I’ve learnt so much from her. It was really daunting at first, especially with some of the bigger tools. I’ve gained a lot of confidence.”

Currently, the structure of the playhouse is finished, and the wrap is on. Now the two carpentry learners will set to applying cladding and fixtures. After that, a decision will have to be made around paint colour and details.

“We’re considering a Looney Tunes theme.” Teirney says. “It’s gender-neutral and fun, so it will hopefully fit whichever lucky family wins it.”

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