Tai Tokerau Skills Centre Plus to aid post-pandemic economic recovery

29 May 2020

NorthTec is working on a partnership project to assist the region’s post-Covid-19 economic recovery.

The Tai Tokerau Skills Centre Plus - Te Rua o Pūkenga has been established as a partnership with Work Ready and People Potential and supported by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

It will be launched on 8 June and will be based in NorthTec’s new city centre learning hub at 38 Bank Street (the former Malletts building).

The Tai Tokerau Skills Centre Plus - Te Rua o Pūkenga will be housed on the ground floor of the building, while the two upper storeys will be used as a digital learning centre for NorthTec students.

This new initiative is designed to assist people who are looking for work and has been developed as a response to the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. They can complete a comprehensive skills assessment, to determine whether they are ready for employment or whether they need to upskill or retrain for work in a different industry.

NorthTec’s Acting Chief Executive, Wayne Jackson, said: “The Tai Tokerau Skills Centre Plus - Te Rua o Pūkenga has been developed in partnership with organisations which are actively working to assist with the economic recovery of Te Tai Tokerau. We know that the impact of the pandemic has hit some industries and individuals hard, and this initiative is designed to help people back into work.

“It will help people decide whether they are ready to go into new employment, or whether they need training to develop their skills in a new industry. NorthTec and People Potential are the educational partners in the Skills Centre Plus and can offer a wide variety of training courses and programmes, some of which are fees-free.”

Regional Commissioner for the Ministry of Social Development and Regional Public Service lead, Eru Lyndon, commends the work being done by NorthTec and its wider partners: “NorthTec has taken great initiative by mobilising their service delivery whilst also activating and including their wider partners for the benefit of our communities. This is a great opportunity for Northlanders who are looking for work to upskill, retrain or find employment.” 

Andrea Ross, Managing Director of People Potential says she is thrilled to be working in partnership to provide practical and genuine support for anyone who needs it. “Between us we have heaps of exciting options and there will be a solution for moving forward, whatever your situation is.”

Lisa Halvorson, Director of Work Ready, agrees and urges Northlanders to, “take advantage of some of the amazing partners involved in this initiative.”

Steve Smith, CEO of North Chamber says they have been long advocates of NorthTec’s presence in the city centre and congratulate NorthTec on the City Centre Learning Hub.  “We are delighted and looking forward to working the Tai Tokerau Skills Centre Plus initiative as a first level collaborative partner.  We’re also very pleased to bring the second Job Lab into this shared project with a proposed launch in June.”


Image: Concept NorthTec CBD Learning Hub with Skills Centre+

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