NorthTec arts students embellish the community

12 June 2018

NorthTec arts students embellish the community

NorthTec arts students are exhibiting their work in unusual settings around Whangarei, as part of their final year of studies.

Heath (Heather) Bell’s work will be seen by visitors to the city as they arrive through Whangarei Airport, while Carmen Snelgar will be exhibiting her work at the Rose Street bus terminal.

Heath focuses on the theme of human migration and exploration for her works in the airport’s transit lounge, displaying a range of images and objects including maps, charts, photographs, ceramics, wood and metal.

She said: “The urge to go, to explore, to see what lies over the horizon, has driven us to travel to all parts of the world since our ancestors evolved in Africa around 200,000 years ago. Humankind's inventiveness has since led to technical innovations enabling us to go almost anywhere on Earth.

“An airport is a place of transition: a threshold between cultures, nations, and time zones. Travellers entering the transit lounge are, in effect, between worlds. Here, people in transit exist in a suspended state where their sense of time and place is altered.”

Carmen has worked with the Whangarei District Council to produce a series of colourful printed decals which will be permanently applied to eight windows at the bus terminal.

Carmen said: “Leading up to this exhibition I had a vision to help beautify my city by adding vibrant colour mixed with Māori designs. I really enjoy seeing the bright weaving designs on the bridge and the flags around our city – which were designed by Faith McManus, my printmaking mentor and tutor at NorthTec.

“For my alternative space exhibition, I have created colourful kowhaiwahi decals. I was fortunate enough to get the WDC on board with this vision and they have generously offered to pay for the eight decals to be printed and applied. These decals will be permanent and if the WDC are happy with the response they say they may complete all the windows.”

Heath Bell’s exhibition at Whangarei Airport in Onerahi opens on Tuesday 19 June, from 5pm to 6pm, and can be viewed during airport hours (6am to 6pm) until Wednesday, 27 June. Carmen Snelgar’s work will be displayed at the bus terminal from Tuesday, 19 June.

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