Embroidery represents housing issues

28 July 2017

Embroidery represents housing issues

A large-scale hand embroidery entitled Mycelia:Mycelium will be exhibited at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery.

The work by artist Angela Carter is a growth stitched into a pair of curtains Angela has used in flats rented in Auckland over the last 20 years. These curtains replaced the often mouldy curtains supplied by landlords, and they have become marked and stained in turn.

She describes the work as “an examination of the relationship humans have with fungi, and with each other; a response to the scale of the current housing crisis, where people are forced to compete to rent damp, mouldy, unhealthy homes, and the most vulnerable people in our communities - children, elderly and those on lower incomes - suffer the consequences.”

“The hidden world of mycelia and mycelium is ‘Hyphae spread widely through soil, rotten wood… feeding on organic remains, accumulating nutrients until conditions internal and external are right for fruiting’ - New Zealand Fungi; an Illustrated Guide (1994)”.

This is the first time Mycelia:Mycelium has been shown publicly, and the first project that Angela has undertaken since moving to Whangarei in 2016. She will be presenting an artist talk and facilitating a workshop for children at the gallery.

The exhibition opens on Friday, 4 August from 5.30 to 7pm, and runs until Thursday, 7 September.

With a diverse practice, connecting installation, theatre, performance and stitch, Angela graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Whitecliffe College in 2005. She continues to expand her practice while studying biological organisms and social issues, and she has a special interest in pursuing sustainable solutions for fashion design and working with young people.

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