Blankets are Once Rejected Twice Shy at NorthTec gallery

9 October 2017

Blankets are Once Rejected Twice Shy at NorthTec gallery

The Window Space at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery is showing three large, suspended works by New Zealand artist, Heidi Monks.

These sculptural pieces are created from discarded woollen blankets – the kind which are frequently relegated to the status of “pet blanket” in opportunity shops, but have been reclaimed, lovingly washed, dyed with plants and hand-stitched with silk thread by Heidi.

The result is a composition that has a subtle mix of earthy colour and stitched lines, and is entitled Once Rejected Twice Shy.

Heidi, who lives in Totara, near Thames, says: “I love to work with plants and textile, often working in a manner taught by Australian artist, India Flint, where leaves are bundled into fabric and heated in a cauldron of water. I enjoy the unpredictable nature of this work; I delight in allowing the plants to speak for themselves.”

She says of the exhibition: “I willingly follow the threads as they take me on a journey. It is the intangible that fascinates me, it is what becomes revealed as the new landscapes emerge…..The thread may work with the fabric or create a new layer, diving through the warp and weft, listening to secrets, revealing some and hiding others.

“This is a metaphor for life. As we journey on our paths, we seek our truth; we pause and listen; we long for connection with something greater than ourselves. And what we find is not always beautiful, the results may be discordant……The blankets become medicine blankets, healed and healing. They tell their own story.”

The gallery shop has more of these works for sale, many of which can also be worn as a wrap or shawl. Heidi will be talking about her work in the gallery on Wednesday, 18 October, at 12.15pm; all are welcome. Once Rejected Twice Shy runs until Thursday, 26 October.

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