Objects needed for art exhibition!

26 August 2016

Objects needed for art exhibition!

Public participation is required for an art exhibition to be held at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery next month.

Arts tutor Ellie Smith and photographic artist Cathy Tuato’o Ross want as many people as possible to bring once-treasured possessions to be photographed.

Their forthcoming exhibition, entitled Shadow Collection, will feature photos of the shadows cast by objects which once held significance for people.

The objects they are seeking are those which were once treasures; were once significant to someone else; or have been kept simply because people feel they must preserve them.

Ellie Smith said: “We will be photographing the shadows of these objects to represent what is left behind after memory, meaning or personal value is lost.

“We are asking anyone with these kinds of possessions to bring in just one to us at the Geoff Wilson Gallery project space. We would like to photograph the shadow of your object while you wait (about 10 minutes), print it and then hang it in our growing exhibition of ‘things that have lost their meaning’.”

Ellie and Cathy will be available to photograph items on the following dates, between 11am and 2pm: Tuesday, 30 August; Tuesday, 6 September; Tuesday, 13 September.

The growing collection of shadows on display will be exhibited in the Window Space at the Geoff Wilson Gallery, at NorthTec’s Raumanga campus. Shadow Collection will be available for viewing from Wednesday, 24 August to Friday, 16 September.

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