Art exhibition explores light and shadows

15 September 2016

Art exhibition explores light and shadows

A new exhibition to be held at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery will see two seasoned artists exploring light projection, reflection and shadow manipulation.

Entitled M/G™ & Associates, artists Murray Gibbs and Lindsay Marks will launch their latest works on Thursday, 13 October from 4pm to 6pm. Both artists are also applied arts tutors at NorthTec.

Lindsay Marks said: “This is about dreams and if ours are to become yours, even if only for the duration of this visit, then this exhibition should be like walking through an ever-present memory. Join us at the Geoff Wilson Gallery in our exploration of dreams through light projection, reflection, and shadow manipulation.

Murray Gibbs said: “We have all had people in our lives whose influence over our thinking and doing is not fully realised until they are no longer with us.

“Part of our remembrances are located in specific objects and places; revisiting them removes their dream-like qualities, may even replace these with a lesser memory. Holidays are like dreams and in dreams the details seem to change every time we remember them.

“In this exhibition objects appearing solid are frameworks for shadows, reflections, and projections; very much like dreams, earthbound in a sense and drifting in another.”

The exhibition runs until 3 November. The Geoff Wilson Gallery is open from 10am to 4pm, Mondays to Fridays.

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