Art exhibition: An Eight-Foot Dress Etcetera

25 November 2016

Art exhibition: An Eight-Foot Dress Etcetera

Where would you expect to buy an eight-foot dress? An eight-foot, embroidered dress which took the artist more than 100 hours to make?

The dress is just one of a diverse range of artworks which make up NorthTec’s Bachelor of Applied Arts graduate exhibition.

The artist, LeeAnn Thoresen, is a third-year graduating student who has spent the last three years studying towards the Bachelor of Applied Arts degree. LeeAnn’s work has been gaining national attention and is soon to be featured as the cover story for Fabricate, a New Zealand creative fabric magazine.

In discussing the upcoming exhibition, and that eight-foot dress, LeeAnn says: “By setting it in a gallery space I’m wanting to value the crafts and work that traditionally women have always done.”

Entitled Etcetera, the group exhibition will feature the work of 14 graduating third-year students, whose work includes computer gaming, holographic imagery, print-making, projection mapping, multi-media installation, airbrushing, photography, painting and sculpture.

The exhibition opened at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery on November 17 and runs until 8 December.

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