Young Artists Take the Floor at Geoff Wilson Gallery

19 October 2015

Young Artists Take the Floor at Geoff Wilson Gallery

What do you get when seven artistic teenagers take the floor at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery? GAMUT - defined as a complete range or spectrum of something, provides an opportunity for the young artists of NorthTec’s Art Academy programme to exhibit the diversity of their work in a professional setting.

Opening on Tuesday 27 October from 4pm to 6.30pm, GAMUT showcases what these high school students can achieve when given the freedom to explore their creativity without the restrictions of NCEA rules and regulations.

Whilst learning about the art world seven local teenagers have set out to express themselves, and have done so with their own unique art styles. Lauren Mungo draws upon street culture and childhood fears to create ghoulish ‘zines’ in collaboration with Scout Hayes. An ‘angsty’ high school student, Scout loves to illustrate childlike thoughts and imagery with a fixation on gore.

You Bin Kim produces paintings that represent animal slaughter and convey messages of vegetarianism, whilst Emma Snell has created an installation of small ceramic sculptures that speak of pollution and man's impact on nature.

Cultural traditions are explored in the work of Kai Creamer and John Wells. Creamer explores movement and geometry in origami, both sculpturally and photographically. John Wells explores the similarities of Māori culture and Native American Indian culture through photograms, whilst Logan Choat produces photographs that are influenced by the debate around plastic surgery and general body politics.

These seven Year 13 students have been participants in NorthTec’s Art Academy programme in 2015 - an initiative that encourages artistic high school students to pursue a career in the visual arts. This exhibition showcases the talent of the seven young artists and the diversity of art-making processes they have explored on the Art Academy programme through the year.

Whangarei Girls’ High School student, Scout Hayes, affirms that the Art Academy was “an eye-opening experience that has helped me to understand what the visual arts have in store for me.” The Art Academy has also provided an insight to what tertiary study is like. “Art Academy was a wake-up call,” admits Excellere College student, Emma Snell. “Studying art is difficult but rewarding, and my experience at NorthTec has given me an idea of what I’m getting into.”

NorthTec’s Art Academy programme has opened the doors to the art world for this next generation of young artists. Please join the artists at their opening on 27 October, or drop in to the exhibition which runs until 5 November. Gallery access is through Gate 3 off Raumanga Valley Road and daily opening hours are 10 – 2pm, Monday to Friday. To make an appointment to visit outside these hours, please contact arts tutor Lisa Clunie at​.

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