Take the Fast Track to Social Service Degree

13 May 2015

Take the Fast Track to Social Service Degree

NorthTec has a one-off opportunity for outstanding students to achieve the Bachelor of Applied Social Service in just two and a half years.

There are a limited number of places for very capable students to be fast-tracked through the first year of the degree programme, starting in July.

The NorthTec Bachelor of Applied Social Service is currently a three-year degree programme. However, due to changes made by the Social Workers Registration Board, from 2016 all NZ social work qualifications must be completed over four years.

This has created a unique opportunity for NorthTec students to enrol in July and complete the first year of the degree in seven months.

Students will receive additional tuition and lectures from July to December this year, and must be able and willing to take on the extra workload. Students will then begin year two at the beginning of semester one in February 2016.

Because of this, students choosing the fast-track programme can save one year’s worth of fees - around $6,000.

In semester 2 of 2015, the fast-trackers can expect to attend classes three days a week, reducing to one day a week in December. By committing to a more intense programme of study, with a shorter Christmas break than usual and an assignment to be completed by January 2016, fast-track students will be ready to join the current first year students for the second year in February 2016.

Students will benefit from a high level of support and tutor interaction, as the intake for this programme will be kept to a maximum of 15.

Shelley Crawford, NorthTec Programme Leader for Social Services, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for students who are able to commit to an intensive programme and are confident academically. It is suitable for people who are currently studying in related fields, such as Mental Health and Addictions, or for new students who have some experience in the social services field.”

For more information about this opportunity, visit the Bachelor of Applied Social Service page or contact NorthTec on 0800 162 100. If you would like to discuss the fast-track programme and decide if it would suit you, contact Shelley Crawford on 09-470 3854.