Metapherein Opens at Shutter Room

4 November 2015

Metapherein Opens at Shutter Room

Metapherein - the root of the word metaphor - means to transfer, change, or to carry over; to represent or mean something other than what is literally depicted.

Opening Friday 6 November from 5 - 6.30pm at The Shutter Room, Kristin Hatland, Chris Schreuder and Lisa Clunie will be exhibiting photographic works that occupy the space that exists between what is literally represented in a photograph, what is implied and what the viewer imagines or ‘reads’.

A photograph is a physical object, albeit usually two-dimensional and more often than not creating the illusion of three-dimensional space. In exploring the physical qualities of what constitutes photography, Lisa Clunie’s photographs transform the flatness of the photograph into a sculptural object. Bending light and paper using experimental darkroom techniques, her photographs are a metaphor for the active play of forces that we live our lives amidst and the constancy of change.

Kristin Hatland’s photographs also capture the movement of light and time, both fundamental to the nature of photography. Through her ethereal abstractions, Hatland frames philosophical questions around reality and knowledge relating to the human condition- “How do we as individuals, live life with an imperfect understanding of reality, which is constrained through imperfect knowledge?”

In a similar vein, Chris Schreuder explores belief and value systems. By constructing and photographing architectural structures, Schreuder’s photographs are a metaphor for one’s psychological security. Expressions such as ‘safe as houses’ and ‘standing on solid ground’ form part of our language and our foundation. Schreuder asks us to consider are they solid and permanent, or equally as tenuous?

Please join the artists at the opening of their exhibition from 5pm on Friday 6 November. To access The Shutter Room use the west entrance behind The Old Library, 7 Rust Avenue, Whangarei. Gallery opening hours are Wednesday to Friday, 12 - 4pm, and Saturday 10am - 1pm. Metapherein will run until 5 December.

Lisa Clunie is a NorthTec arts tutor, and Kristin Hatland and Chris Schreuder are both NorthTec arts graduates.

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