In 1979 after consultation throughout Tai Tokerau, the first Maori class was established in Te Tai Tokerau Wananga. Te Puna o Te Mātauranga was formed to provide te reo, tikanga, waiata with an emphasis on Ngapuhi nui tonu.

Dedication Ceremony (1990)

On 30 April 1990, a dedication ceremony was held to set aside the site of the Marae. The ceremony saw representatives from Iwi across Tai Tokerau meet at Raumanga. This ceremony was overseen by Founding CEO Noel Harrison, with speakers including Sir Graham Latimer and Mayor Stan Semenoff. There were ministers from different religions led by Charlie Kake, along with Winiata Morunga and Hoori Niha.

The ground breakers were selected to represent the Whare Tapu o Ngapuhi: Mutu Karena (Te Aupouri), Simon Snowden (Te Rarawa), McCully Matiu (Ngati Kahu), Manga Tau (Ngapuhi) and Hugh Kawharu (Ngati Whatua).

Marae Opening (1991)

Te Puna o Te Mātauranga Marae Complex was opened on 3 August 1991, as a focal point for Maori within Te Tai Tokerau Wananga. Pat Irving was Chief Executive Officer at the time.

Leadership from Northland Polytechnic consulted with the Maori community on the Marae project and confirmed the names of the Whare Hui being Te Puna o Te Mātauranga, and the Whare Kai being Te Puna o Te Oranga.

The Ruahine selected for the event were former Polytech Council Member Kath Munn, Council member of the time Violet Pou and CEO Pat Irving.

At the time of the opening, acknowledgment was given to the founding CEO Noel Harrison and Kevin Kelly (Director) and members of the community who maintained the vision to have a Marae established at our Raumanga Campus.

The Polytech Council Chair of the time was Mike Raimona, and Maori Liaison Committee Chairman was Toka Totoro, Moetu Davis was Maori Studies Centre Coordinator, and Moananui a Kiwa Anaru was a tutor and spokesperson for Northland Polytech at the time.

We pay tribute to our ancestors and elders who contributed to the establishment of Te Puna o Te Mātauranga at NorthTec.

Redevelopment (2015)

The whare hui at Te Puna o Te Mātauranga was recently re-opened following refurbishment on 7 December 2015.

Learn more about the redevelopment design.