A range of anthropometry tests can be undertaken to assess your body fat, frame size/body type, waist-to-hip ratio and BMI.

Anthropometry Services


Skinfolds can estimate your body fat percentage.

  • Your results are used to estimate your body fat percentage based on population-specific equations. Thus, your results are compared to a population close to yours in age, gender and training status.

  • All anthropometric tests are non-invasive and require no cardiovascular fitness or hard effort.

Allow 45mins for your Skinfold testing and results discussion.

Cost: $50 per hour on site/$100 per hour off site


BioImpedance Analysis (Latest InBody Machine).

  • This data then provides a clinical assessment of body composition which includes fat mass, lean body mass, body cell mass, extracellular mass, total body water, intracellular water, extracellular water, basal metabolic rate, and phase angle.

  • The impedance index is obtained by applying a small alternating current on the body, based on the principle that the body contains water and that the level of electric resistivity (i.e. Resistance and changes according to body water).

Package A (Basic)

$20 pp for individual testing followed by a group lecture (45mins explanation of results).

Package B (Advanced)

$50 pp all the above PLUS Nutrition workshop (1 hour) follow up final test and final group lecture with interpretation of results (45 minutes).