Cancellation and Refund Policies

Please ensure you read, understand and accept this policy before applying to NorthTec.

By accepting a place in a course at NorthTec, a student enters a contract with NorthTec for the period of one academic year (or the length of the course if it is less than one year). This contract means there is an obligation to pay the fee for the year (or for the length of the shorter course).

Students who wish to defer to the following semester must notify NorthTec International two weeks prior to the course commencement.

There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if a student changes his/her mind about studying at NorthTec. In normal circumstances, no refunds will be given after course commencement. Any request for a refund must be made in writing to the Head of International.

The request must include a detailed explanation of the reasons for withdrawal from the programme contracted. At this time, the student’s family and agent will be notified by NorthTec that a request for refund has been received.

If a refund is given, it will be paid in NZ dollars and paid by cheque or bank draft to:

  • The student’s registered home address in country of origin; or 

  • The student’s agent

Note: Refunds will not be given directly to a student or transferred to a student’s bank account in New Zealand unless authorized in writing by the student’s agent or parents.

Consideration of Refund Applications

Applications for refunds will be considered under the following categories, which may require supporting documentation:

Full Refunds

  • Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has refused to grant an initial visa for study in New Zealand. 

  • Visa extension is refused by INZ. 

  • NorthTec is unable to proceed with the course offered. 

  • If the programme contracted with NorthTec is cancelled for whatever reason, then the student shall be entitled to a total refund of fees but shall not be entitled to any other compensation, costs or consequential damages of whatsoever nature.

Other Refunds

  • An international student in a semesterbased programme, who gains Permanent Residency will not receive a refund of fees for the semester in which residency is granted. However they will be treated as a New Zealand Permanent Resident for the following semester and refunded any international fees paid beyond the semester in which residency was granted. 

  • International students in programmes designed with full year non-semester based courses must pay the international fees for the full year, regardless of the date Permanent Residence has been granted during that year. 

  • If a student wishes to withdraw their application and notice is received by NorthTec International two weeks prior to course commencement, a cancellation fee of 45% of the tuition fee will be charged.

  • Special circumstances of a compassionate nature, as approved by NorthTec, may necessitate withdrawal from a course. Supporting information must be supplied in writing from the student, family and agent (if applicable).





A visa was not  

An official letter from INZ
indicating the rejection of
the visa application.

At any time.

Total tuition fee minus registration
fee and bank charges.

Extension of visa is
not granted

An official letter from INZ
indicating the rejection of
the visa application.

At any time.

Total tuition fee minus registration
fee and bank charges.

NorthTec is unable
to proceed with the

No documentation required
from the student.

The refund is automatic.

Total fee paid (however if the
student transfers to another
institution, the refund will be sent
to that institution).

Student no longer
wishes to study at NorthTec

A letter from the student 
outlining the reason for their change of circumstances.
NorthTec will advise INZ and request cancellation of student visa.

2 weeks prior to commencement of the programme of study

Total fee paid less the registration fee, accommodation placement fee, and a cancellation fee of 45% of the tuition fee 

After the commencement of the course

No refund

Compassionate reasons (serious illness, etc)

Documentation supporting application for a refund.

At any time.

At the discretion of NorthTec.