Living with a local homestay family is the best way to discover Whangarei, experience the Kiwi way of life and to practice English on a daily basis. 

According to The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 (The Code), students under the age of 18 years must stay in supervised accommodation which is either a family member living locally or a NorthTec-approved homestay.

NorthTec International recommends that all international students new to New Zealand or still studying English live in a homestay for the first few months regardless of age. 

NorthTec works with a wide range of fully vetted and checked local hosts to match students to a suitable homestay.

In a homestay you’ll have your own private fully-furnished bedroom and all meals provided in a warm, supportive environment so you can focus on your studies. When choosing homestay accommodation, you can also expect the following facilities:


Local families

Most NorthTec homestays are New Zealanders so you can practise speaking English with them and live the Kiwi lifestyle



Homestay fee is normally invoiced on your Offer of Place
Placement fee: $300, one-off, non-refundable to cover the cost of finding a suitable homestay family for you


Private study bedroom

All homestay students have their own private bedroom, sometimes bathroom too; the rest of the home is shared by the whole family; homestays can host 1-3 international students


3 meals
per day included

Breakfast: ‘help yourself’ = make your own cereal/toast/drink
Lunch: packed on class days to take to campus
Dinner: main ‘sit-down’ cooked meal of the day
Extra charge for special diets, e.g. vegan, dairy/gluten free



Walk to campus if you can in under 20-30 minutes
Students may be eligible for the free NorthTec shuttle from town to NorthTec.
Students may be eligible for a weekly subsidy on CityLink buses.
Car rides with your homestay to your weekend activities



Most have at least 30GB/month/student free internet available
Extra charge of $5-10/week may apply for unlimited WiFi



Electricity and water included



No extra charge; your clothes get washed either by your homestay or they’ll show you how to do it



You need to keep your bedroom tidy and clean
Clean your own bathroom - if you lucky to have one
Help with setting the table and doing the dishes


Not permitted

Most homestay are non-smoking, some allow outside only smoking



Most homes have one or two dogs or cats
Pets can live inside or outside and are family members



Owner in residence, sections normally fully fenced, locked entry, secure windows, some internal locks


under 18,
new to NZ
E/L study

Compulsory for students under the age of 18
Strongly recommended for students who are new to New Zealand and/or studying English language.

To Apply

Homestay form

Email Homestay form to the Accommodation Coordinator
with some photos

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Accommodation Coordinator
Accommodation Coordinator

The Accommodation Coordinator can help you with information and advice on the different accommodation options available.

Contact the Accommodation Coordinator